London Apartment Building Engulfed In Flames With Residents Trapped Inside

An apartment tower in London has been almost totally engulfed in flames, with about 200 firefighters working to bring the blaze under control. 

The 24-storey Grenfell Tower, near Notting Hill, caught alight in the early hours of the morning. Since then, flames have spread from the second floor to the very top of the building.

While Metropolitan Police have been evacuating the vicinity, witnesses on the scene claim to have seen torches shining from the building’s top storeys.

Video also captures what appears to be apartment residents screaming for help.

An eyewitness said the building “has burned through to its very core,” and BBC reporter Andy Moore said there were also serious concerns that the entire building may collapse as a result of the blaze.

Some 120 homes are contained in the tower.

We’ll update this story as it develops. 

Source: BBC / The Guardian.
Celeste Thomas / Twitter.