Logan Paul Flew 30 Hours To Perth Just To Get Booed By WWE Fans & Then Fail At Roasting Them

Influencer, boxer, and Satan’s First-in-Command Logan Paul arrived in Perth to promote an event his punchable-face is participating in for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Upon walking on stage Paul was not met with cheers and adoration, and instead was bombarded with boos. Just wanna say: well done Perth, keep up the good work.

This Saturday the WWE is holding its Elimination Chamber at Optus Stadium, which will feature WWE greats Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, LA Knight, Kevin Owens, as well as Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Tiffany Stratton, Naomi and Raquel Rodriguez.

It also includes guy from Vine, Logan Paul, whose career is now so dead that if he saw it in a Japanese forest he would film it and upload the footage to YouTube. (An old reference, but a good one.)

As a promotional event for the WWE Elimination Chamber, thousands of fans of the fake sport turned up to a free show outside of Optus Stadium where various competitors could hype up the crowd about how well they are going to pretend to wrestle (or whatever).

However the event took a turn when the founder of sports drink Prime took to the stage.

Before he could get a single word out, Logan Paul was met with the boos of practically every single person in Perth.

Amazing work Perth. You just skyrocketed to the top of my list of favourite places.

Meanwhile, the top of my list of “faces I’d like to punch” found himself confused by the fact he wasn’t being cheered for simply existing, as he has become accustomed to.

God, don’t you just love Australia’s ability to bring everyone down a peg. We are Logan Paul’s Kryptonite. As much as I find Tall-Poppy-Syndrome problematic, when it is put on full display like this you really do see how effective it is at deconstructing these “big personalities” like Logan Paul.

In his first attempt to respond to the booing, Paul questioned the crowd about their decision to yell things like “Logan sucks”.

“Oh y’all gonna yell at me huh?” Paul asked.

Again, massive mistake.

Rule one of crowd work anywhere, not just Australia or Perth, is to read the room. If you have to question it then Logan, sweetie, you’ve already lost. FFS he’s such a bad performer. Probably why he’s doing WWE now.

Paul then showed his incredible ability to state the obvious.

“I flew 30 hours to get booed,” Paul stated, to anyone who must have missed what was happening in front of them.

Paul then decided that instead of responding humorously to the booing by A) using self-depreciating humour or B) literally any form of wit at all, he would antagonise the crowd ahead of him.

Ya know, the people he’s supposed to be influencing to buy tickets for his upcoming WWE event.

“So it’s WWE’s first time coming to Perth. And I’m gonna personally make sure it’s the last,” said Paul.

Hilariously, this was met with cheering. Presumably crowds were delighted at the thought of never accidentally sharing the same air with Logan Paul again.

Paul then tried some stand-up material and jokes about how he wish he “went to Sydney instead”.

More cheering.

“Even Taylor Swift went to Sydney instead of this dump,” Paul persisted.

“You Google the top ten things to do as a tourist in Perth, and number one is go visit an island full of rats. Not so different from you people huh.”

This only succeeded in further increasing the volume of the booing.

Then Paul finished his material roasting Perth with: “We legit in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the ocean. And I swear to God I’d rather be in the middle of the ocean.”

Yeah, we’d rather you be there too, pal.

A full clip of the hilariously awkward, cringe-inducing performance can be seen below.

Is it possible to make an entire city Australian Of The Year?

Perth, we are sorry you had to go through that (seeing Logan Paul), and thank you for falling on that grenade for the rest of Australia.

We salute you.

If watching Logan Paul continue to get booed is something that takes your interest, the WWE Elimination Chamber can be viewed live on Binge from 9pm. Get your popcorn ready.