Lizzo Shouted Lunch For US Healthcare & Hospital Workers Today, ‘Cause They Deserve It

Eager for some heart-warming news to break up all the monotonous gloom? Stunning, because I have a pearler for you, thanks to Lizzo. Ms 100% That Bitch™ sent lunch packages to US hospital and healthcare workers today to show gratitude for their tireless work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Washinton’s UW Medicine tweeted their thanks to the 3-time Grammy winner this morning. “Thank you @Lizzo for sending lunches to the UW Medical Center – Montlake Emergency Department today,” the department tweeted. “Your support of our frontline healthcare workers means a lot.”

The following pictures will make your heart very, very warm.

“Turns out @lizzo is 100% that generous to Washington’s health care workers,” Washington Governor Jay Inslee also tweeted. “We appreciate you.”

M Health Fairview in Minneapolis also received a tasty care package courtesy of Lizzo. “That moment when you’re working the ER and @Lizzo surprises you by sending over some lunch,” they tweeted.

Minneapolis was home to Lizzo for a hot minute when she moved there in 2011 in pursuit of a music career. It’s also where she once interviewed Chance the Rapper prior to Acid Rap‘s release. (Check out the resurfaced footage here.)

Numerous other healthcare and emergency service facilities have since come forward thanking Lizzo for their own lunch packages.

Lizzo, I’m crying, ‘cuz I love you.