Lindsay Lohan Gets Decked Attempting to Take Homeless Child From Family

In an uncomfortably bizarre video, Lindsay Lohan has filmed herself attempting to help a homeless family before accusing the parents of child trafficking.

In the Instagram Live video, which was uploaded on Saturday, footage begins with Lohan in the back of a car telling her followers that she wants them to meet a “Syrian refugee family” outside.

“Hey everyone, I just want to show you a family that I met. They’re a Syrian refugee family that I’m really worried about. They really need help,” Lohan says in a foreign accent.

She then proceeds to get out of the car and walk across the road to the family. The family – three children and two adults – can be seen sitting on the ground on the footpath.

Earlier videos posted to Lohan’s account indicate the former actor is currently in Moscow. 

Initially, Lohan says she wants to help the family by offering them money for a hotel. She repeats this a number of times to the mother and says she’ll “take care” of the family.

“You should not have them [your sons] on the floor, you should be a hard-working woman and you should be doing what [you can] for your children, so they have a better life.

“If someone is offering them a home and a bed, which is me at the moment, give it to them. They will come back to you. I’m a good person but really, this is not right.”

When the family appear to decline her offer and stand to leave, Lohan follows them.

The video then abruptly skips forward to Lohan accusing the family of child trafficking.

“Look what’s happening, they’re trafficking children… I won’t leave until I take you. Now I know who you are, don’t fuck with me. Hey kids… this is not Arab… you’re ruining Arab culture by doing this… The whole world is seeing this right now, I will walk forever. I’ll stay with you [the boys] don’t worry.” 

Then, when Lohan appears to reach for one of the boys, his mother attacks her and pushes Lohan to the ground. The family can be seen walking away as Lohan cries.

“I’m just so scared – I literally can’t, I don’t think I can ever change what -“ the footage ends here.

The video, in its entirety, is still available on Lohan’s account.