Parents Of Murdered Sydney Coach Lilie James Hold Touching Funeral ‘All About Her’

Lilie James has been remembered as a “vibrant young woman” in her memorial service, held at Danebank Anglican School on Friday. James’ death caused shockwaves last month when she was found dead in the St Andrew’s Cathedral School gym bathroom of suspected homicide.

Hundreds of people gathered at James’ former school for the funeral, dressed in patterns and bright colours to commemorate her 21 years of “jam-packed” life.

Her father, Jamie James, opened the emotional service by declaring that “this day is all about her.”

“She was an independent, vibrant young woman who was always on the go and lived each day to the fullest,” he mourned, before saying to Lilie how he, her mother, and her brother are all “so proud of you.”

James spent her time as a water polo coach at St Andrew’s where she was found with severe injuries to her head, allegedly from a hammer, on October 25.

Her love of the sport and dedication to coaching was mentioned by her father: “On top of working and studying, Lilie loved coaching and playing water polo. She loved to dance.”

Students from St Andrew’s could be seen at the funeral, believed to have been members of the team which James’ mentored.

The funeral was live-streamed from Danebank Anglican School to St Andrew’s, where more people gathered at the school’s cathedral to view the service online.

“Even with her busy schedule, she always still made time to support her brother Max, her friends and her family,” her father shared in his statement.

Her family also took the opportunity to “thank the community enough for their thoughts, prayers, generosity and messages through this difficult time.”

They have asked for privacy as they continue to grieve for their loss.

James’ death is currently being treated by police as a homicide.

Image Credit: Facebook / St Andrew’s Cathedral School.