What The Fuck: Lidia Thorpe Thrown To The Ground By Cops Protecting *Another* Anti-Trans Rally

lidia thorpe police anti-trans rally

Independent senator Lidia Thorpe was thrown to the ground and “pulverised” by Australian Federal Police for attempting to interrupt British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (aka Posie Parker)’s hateful rally in Canberra.

Footage has emerged from the anti-trans rally of Lidia Thorpe marching into the fray, only to be apprehended by police officers and pulled to the ground.

After telling the officers to let her go, Thorpe crawls away from the chaos and back to the side of pro-trans LGBTQIA+ activists who were in attendance to counter-protest.

It’s incredible seeing a politician actually stand for LGBTQIA+ people at a time when queer people are facing a resurgence of hate, but this event is just a stark reminder that it seems the cops don’t care for queer people and they especially don’t care for our First Nations people.

It makes me fkn sick. What the fuck is happening in this country???

“This country should be ashamed that they even let people like this into the country,” Thorpe told Guardian Australia‘s Paul Karp after the police dragged her.

“I went to tell her… that thing… they are not welcome here, and I got pulverised by the police by simply telling that person they are not allowed to be here.

“I’ve been assaulted by the police today, as a sovereign DjabWurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman, and the police need to answer for the assault but also, this government needs to answer why these people are allowed into this country.”

As always, Thorpe has made many points.

Why the hell has Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (or Posie Parker, whatever the fuck she wants to call herself) been allowed to spit her hate and vitriol across the country?

We’ve had neo-Nazis marching the streets of Melbourne untouched by Victoria Police, “Christian Lives Matter” protestors swarming and hitting LGBTQIA+ people in Sydney and now this. Cops dragging a First Nations woman to the ground for standing up against transphobia.

Queer people are under attack. Their lives are under attack.

Each and every event that transpires only drills into the minds of young queer people that this government doesn’t care about us. Every week there is a new story about violence against trans people and queer POC, and it’s becoming harder and harder to feel safe.

I would say I’m tired of this bullshit but I’m not anymore. I’m just angry and fed up. Fuck these transphobes and fuck the police for standing up for them.