Stuffed Koalas Are Popping Up All Over NYC To Raise Money For Aussie Wildlife

Koala, Koalas

The current bushfire season has had a devastating impact on Australian wildlife, with more than a billion animals thought to have died, and some experts claiming koalas to be functionally extinct.

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If you’re looking for ways you can help out in the form of donations, Pedestrian has published a list of local organisations that are looking for your assistance right now.

It seems that overseas, people are also coming up with ways to help out Australian wildlife, including the group Koalas Of NYC, who debuted a unique and cute fundraising method overnight.

New Yorkers woke up on Friday morning to find plush koalas hanging in locations all over the city, with instructions on how to donate to wildlife relief efforts.

Their furry butts showed up in areas from Times Square to the Flat Iron District, and firefighters from the FDNY also gave them a cuddle.

Koalas of NYC says that it will be donating proceeds to WIRES, the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc, which has been assisting record numbers of animals.

More than ten million hectares have burned in the current bushfire season, and 28 people have been killed.