Australia, Cute As Hell Koalas Need You To Sew Mittens For Their Bushfire-Burnt Paws

Australia, a whole bunch of cute as sin koalas around the country need your help this summer, specifically in the way of pret à porter casual accessories: mittens.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has put a call out for Australians to help provide cotton mittens for Koalas who have suffered burns in bushfires – especially in the recent and tragic outburst in the Adelaide Hills. The IFAW explains that koalas are “slow-moving creatures”, so when a bushfire arrives all up in their business at their peaceful gumtree cribs, getting out unscathed is a tough game to play. Case in point: Jeremy.

Exposed skin on koalas’ paws are often a serious injury that the animals sustain – once paws are burnt, grip is lost and making a speedy getaway is all but fruitless.

This is where sewing mittens comes in: after koalas’ burns have been wrapped, cotton mittens used to cover the dressings are needed, so unless you’re a monster or someone who truly can’t sew for shit, download a template here and get cracking. Donation locations can be found on the IFAW facebook page.

And just a friendly reminder also that these creatures are truly our down under overlords.

Lead image via IFAW.