Kim Kardashian Chalks Up Another Lawsuit W/ $124M Sought Over Phone Cases

It’s almost as if the Kardashian family can’t go a week without ending up in some kind of legal naughty corner.

Kim is the latest to bear the brunt, with her company ‘Kimsaprincess Inc.‘ being slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit by competitor company, Snaplight, for her promotion and endorsement of the LuMee light-up phone cases.

Snaplight claim that LuMee nicked their idea of a lit-up phone case, which Kim loves using for her many celebrated selfies. They claim that because of Kim’s incredible influence on her social media platforms, it’s making business for Snaplight really bloody tough.

In the patent lawsuit, Snaplight have demanded that Kim’s company ceases selling LuMee cases and pay them $124 million in damages. Ooft.

Late last year, LuMee filed a patent lawsuit against Snaplight for infringement which is still yet to go through the courts.

Kim’s representatives contacted The Hollywood Reporter with a statement about the latest lawsuit, claiming that it is an “attempted shakedown” from Snaplight, and that Kim has done nothing wrong with her promotion of the products as an influencer.