Kerobokan Escapee Now Living It Up In Amsterdam, According To His FB Page

Remember that bloke in the interesting t-shirt who Shawshank Redemption-ed himself out of a Bali prison earlier this week?
And then started receiving a bunch of legal advice from his mates via Facebook?
Welp, Shaun Davidson, originally from Perth, has apparently made it all the way to Europe, and he’s continued making use of social media while he’s at it.
Channel 10 reports that he made a private check-in on Facebook on Friday in bloody Amsterdam. His caption? “Living the dream“.
This is astonishingly ballsy stuff for a man who broke out of prison with two months left on his sentence, and has a warrant out for his arrest both in Bali and back home. 
Not only has he literally advertised his whereabouts, he’s also posted a photo of a bunch of his mates out clubbing in the Dutch city, with the caption “closing time where’s all the ladies“.
Mate. You are a fugitive. Have some digital decorum. 
Two of the three other blokes he nicked off with have been nabbed, but one, Malaysian man Tee Kok King, is still at large. Probably because he’s not posting on bloody Facebook every ten minutes, for god’s sake. 
Source: Channel 10.
Image: Facebook / Sean Davidson.