Karlos Pulls A Hasty 180, Says He’d Rather Host The QLD Logies Than Boycott

In a spine-melting backflip, Today host Karl Stefanovic has revealed that he’s not going to boycott the Logies due to their move from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. In fact, he’s quite keen on the whole deal. So much so that he wants to host.

Only a couple of days after launching some full-throated invective against the television industry awards night changing venues, Stefanovic has spoken to TV Week – principal sponsors of the event – to give a notably softened stance.

“I think I should definitely be hosting it” is a far sight from “a joke of giant proportions,” but we suppose that’s just showbiz.

Outside of the casual assertion that Karlos should indeed be top dog for the night, he praised the state’s media consumption by saying “it will be fun and great to have it here. Queenslanders love their TV and they will come and support it for sure.”

Referencing the lil’ tanty he threw over the issue, Stefanovic insisted “if the bosses let me come I’ll be coming and I’ll be having a great time.”

As for his choices for who should take the Gold Logie, he didn’t exactly have to move to Queensland: Today colleagues Lisa Wilkinson and Sylvia Jeffreys should be in the mix, Stefanovic said, as “they do work with me every day.”

The Logies are going to take place at the Gold Coast’s Star Casino from 2018 as part of a four-year deal. There’s every chance that if Stefanovic’s stance has actually changed, you really will see him hosting before 2022.