Kangaroos Far Outnumber Humans & Experts Say We Should Be Chomping Them More

I know, I know. Kangaroos are really really cute. Baby joeys? The cutest. We don’t want to eat them. But you know what else are cute? Little pigs and lambs. If you are a carnivore that eats those animals, experts are saying it might be time you got over your aversion to chowing down on the national symbol.

It’s not only for your stomach’s benefit, either. According to a new government report, the kanga population in Australia is close to hitting 50 million, which is about double that of humans in the country. If they learn how to use weapons, we are done for.

But in all seriousness, the growth is attribute to environmental conditions, and high rainfall producing more food. The report published by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment says that kangaroos are seen as pests, and they damage properties, compete with domestic livestock for food, and trample crops. They have a massive impact on the biodiversity of Australia.

Some massive muscle kangaroos have also threatened humans in areas where they have been stupidly fed by the public. Look at this guy, you would have no chance.

It’s sad, and not the kangaroos fault there are too many of them, but experts say it will actually be best for all parties, if we start hunting kangaroos more, humanely killing them, and chowing down. If there is a drought in the coming years and food sources aren’t as available, millions of kangaroos will be at risk of dying of starvation.

David Paton, an associate professor from the University of Adelaide, said that kangaroo culling needs to be supported, and communities have to start trying to eat more kangaroo meat.

If we’re going to cull these animals we do it humanely, but we also perhaps should think about what we might use the animals that are killed for. We shouldn’t just simply leave them out in paddocks to rot or leave them in the reserves to rot.

Kangaroo meat is sold everywhere now, and is recognised as being a nutrient-packed lean meat. So if you can get past the idea of eating the iconic Aussie roo, it might be time to give it a whirl next time you are at the s-hops.