Court Rules That Julian Assange Must, In Fact, Clean His Bathroom

An Ecuadorian court has ruled that requirements imposed on Julian Assange by the Ecuadorian embassy do not violate his human rights.

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As the BBC is reporting, Judge Karina Martínez dismissed Assange request to loosen the new house rules imposed on him by the embassy, which include requirements to look after his cat, clean his own bathroom, and pay for his own food and laundry in exchange for internet access.

Martínez ruled that Assange’s right to asylum isn’t being violated because the authority granting the asylum has the right to determine what is or is not allowed inside the building.

Assange is claiming that the new rules have been imposed as a measure to force him to leave the embassy the London, which he first entered just over six years ago to avoid being extradited over since-dropped sexual assault charges he was facing in Sweden.

According to the AP, Assange is remaining the embassy because he faces charges for jumping bail in the UK and fears being extradited to the US for leaking state secrets.