Journo Behind Al Jazeera’s One Nation Sting Says He’ll Release All The Footage

Peter Charley, the Australian journalist behind Al Jazeera‘s multi-part exposé on One Nation‘s relationship with the NRA, says he will release all of the footage collected over months of investigation.

Speaking with David (read: Kochie) Koch during a Sunrise segment on Friday morning, Charley denied claims from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson that the footage featured in ‘How To Sell A Massacre‘ had been excessively edited.

Nothing was dubbed, nothing was altered,” he said.

I’d be absolutely delighted to release it all.

On Thursday, Hanson spoke to press – but did not take questions – and accused the media of malpractice in their reporting of the Al Jazeera investigation. Hanson and other One Nation officials have repeatedly attacked the validity of the documentary as well as the trustworthiness of the Qatari government-owned Al Jazeera.

One of Hanson’s main defences, both of herself for comments she appears to make regarding the Port Arthur massacre and also for comments made by her Chief of Staff James Ashby and Queensland leader Steve Dickson, has been that the documentary “cut and pasted” footage.

On Friday, Hanson told the Today Show she hadn’t watched the full documentary and had only seen segments portrayed in the media.

When news of the investigation first broke, One Nation referred the matter to ASIO and the Australian Federal Police.

Discussing how he’d release all of the footage from his investigation to the public, Charley said it would presumably have to go through those national security organisations.