Josh Frydenberg Revealed His Greatest Fear Of A Labor Govt & It Actually Sounds Pretty Great

josh frydenberg greatest fear

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg revealed his greatest fear under a Labor Government and it sounds like a paradise. BRB, getting a one-way ticket to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s nightmare land where there’s childcare support and bounties of parental leave.

Frydenberg and Opposition Treasurer Jim Chambers were debating the cost of living and “economy” at the National Press Club on Wednesday. 

Chambers blasted the Federal Liberal Party for being “out-of-touch” with the astronomically rising cost-of-living. He said it took a particularly out-of-touch Liberal treasurer to suggest the country “stay the course” when rent, bills, everyday essentials and more continue to increase.

“I fear that this government will continue on the path that they’ve created for the best part of a decade now. The biggest risk of this election is that nothing changes at all,” he said.

Then Mr. Fried Egg Berg appeared to demonstrate just how out of touch he was with reality.

“My greatest fear is that if Labor got over the line, they would revert to their natural instincts to tax more and to spend more, instincts that were on full display when they thought they had the election in the bag last time,” the political clown tooted. 

Josh Frydenberg complained like the adult Boss Baby he is. He said he was particularly concerned Labor would increase spending on foreign aid, parental leave and childcare.

Sorry. What? I think you misread your speech there bud. Those sound fkn good.

Who wouldn’t want more parental leave or childcare support? Particularly when the cost-of-living means parents can’t afford to stay at home to take care of their child.

Not everyone has a house-trained nanny. Sorry mate.

And foreign aid? Imagine trying to demonise the idea of supporting other countries after we went through a global pandemic and while several countries are at war.

Joshie boy really thought he did something here. But comments like these merely proved how out-of-touch the Liberal Party is regarding the needs and socioeconomic lifestyle of the everyday person.