Jaime Lannister Reckons The Ending Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Already Leaked

There are a mere thirteen episodes left in the life of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and if you’re not already emotionally preparing for it to be not in your life anymore, now might be a good time to hop on board the ship of denial.
The hugely beloved HBO show’s seventh (and second-last) season isn’t scheduled to begin airing until July, but it already fan speculation is bloody rampant.
Ever since the show effectively lapped George RR Martin by overtaking the books in terms of plot, audiences have essentially been flying blind; following along without the safety net of the novels to give a timely heads up on what’s to come.
But as it turns out, the ultimate finale of the show might have already leaked online. It’s just that punters might not be aware that that’s what they’re looking at.
In an interview with Observer, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – which is a hell of a name to type out so from here on in lets just call him Jaime Lannister – claimed that a whole mess of plot points are actually floating around the internet as we speak.
The man behind the swinging dick of House Lannister discussed the subject of spoilers, noting that as both an actor and a fan of the show, it’s extremely difficult to keep mum on some of the juicier aspects of production. But, as he claims, the truth is already all out there anyway which is VERY INTERESTING IF TRUE.

“For years there was the whole thing with ‘book readers’ who knew what was going to happen. But it is more intense now, because nobody knows. There has been a couple times where I’ve actually, by accident, said something I shouldn’t have. But because nobody knows, they don’t necessarily pick up on it.”

“If you go online you can definitely read every plot point that’s going to happen. You can find the ending of Game of Thrones on the internet. It’s there. But you wouldn’t know. Of course, nobody really wants to know.”

‘Course what he means by that is that fan speculation is so rampant that someone somewhere has hit the nail on the head without realising it. But then again maybe there’s a secret cache of plot spoilers hidden somewhere deep in the bowels of the internet that he and only he is aware of. Maybe he’s secretly revealing plot under the guise of fan speculation. Maybe he’s one of us.

Regardless, from now until the season seven premiere all we can do is rampantly tear apart fan theory and try our best to guess who is the smart-arse who got it right.
The series return is set for July 16th. Brace yourselves.

Source: Observer.
Photo: Game of Thrones/HBO.