One Nation, The Party That Looks Like It Smells, Leaked Jacqui Lambie’s Phone Number On FB

Jacqui lamb leaked phone number

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has accused festering fungal infectio- uh, I mean, very real and existing political party One Nation of leaking her phone number after she roasted them for their shitty vaccine bill.

On Monday, our favourite broken clock lambasted (heh) One Nation for proposing a bill to end vaccine mandates, in their fight against ‘vaccine discrimination’.

Lambie called out the party for their hypocrisy considering the hate they themselves have perpetuated in the past, noting that after the bill was announced the party sent out mass emails requesting donations. Hmm.

“One Nation is not a fighter against discrimination,” she said, per The Age.

“One Nation seeks to profit from it. It’s just a fundraising exercise for them”.

She went on to accuse One Nation of playing “Russian roulette” with human lives, before saying: “Here’s the thing: Being held accountable for your own actions isn’t called discrimination, it’s called — you wouldn’t believe — being a goddamn bloody adult.”

Only a day after rinsing One Nation for their buffoonery, Jacqui Lambie has now accused the right wing party of putting her in danger by sharing her private mobile phone number in a Facebook post, which inevitably directed a tidal wave of hate to her pocket.

“One Nation have crossed a line here that should never be crossed,” she said today, per ABC.

“You’ve got the AFP briefing politicians about our safety, we’ve got gallows on the steps of Victoria’s parliament, and senators in this very chamber should not be facilitating any abuse.”

One Nation Senator/cracked toenail Malcolm Roberts admitted the number was leaked by Tasmanian One Nation candidate Steve Mav via a picture of texts from Lambie on Facebook, the ABC reports. The post has since been edited, but the damage is done.

“It goes without saying it is completely unacceptable to leak other Senators’ personal contact details to the public, just because you don’t like what they’re saying,” Lambie said.

Under the now-edited post, a commenter noticed the number was deleted, and Mav responded to them saying: “facebook did not me [sic] because Jacqui … doesn’t want to be held accountable”.

Yes, I too felt like I had a stroke reading that, but I think it’s safe to say it’s not an apology.

Senate president Slade Brockman said he’s now considering the matter for further investigation. Get em!!