It’s Raining!

Silly as it may seem to celebrate a little water falling from the sky, in a season that’s been nothing short of catastrophic, the heavens finally cracking open can only be viewed as nothing short of a divine moment.

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Heavy rain has begun falling across the country, in particular across fire and drought-ravaged areas of New South Wales and Victoria.

Late yesterday a front of severe thunderstorms rolling across Victoria brought huge amounts of rain with it. Today, the same associated front is producing heavy rain across large parts of New South Wales, including in areas that have been near-obliterated by the on-going bushfire crisis.

Overnight, the NSW RFS reported that the overall number of fires burning in the state dropped from 88 to 85, with the number of uncontained fires shrinking from 39 down to 30.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, some parts of NSW are forecast to cop as much as 100mm of rain over the next four days, as a complex weather system of humid air creates rolling supercell thunderstorms across the state that will bring sporadic heavy rain across large portions of firefields, as well as across inland farming areas that have been virtually crippled by on-going drought.

Across social media, people have been celebrating the rain’s arrival, and the subsequent (albeit temporary) relief from horrific summer weather conditions it’s brought.

While the rain is a much-needed guest in some parts of the country, others are still left wanting; East Gippsland and Mallacoota in Victoria, where some of the most shocking “red sky” footage emanated, received just 5mm of rain across yesterday, despite heavy downpours in other parts of the state.

Officials are also on high alert due to the increased risk of land slippage and flash flooding that heavy rain on fire ravaged ground can cause.

Still, with rain forecast to stick around for a good few days yet, residents and firefighting crews are finally getting the relief they’ve been desperately craving for months.

Gotta be stoked with that.