Here’s All The New Interstate Travel Restrictions For Victorians And What That Means For You


Victoria will be sent into a seven-day lockdown from midnight tonight, in an attempt to control the growing COVID-19 cluster. Each state has different rules for Victorians, with some closing their borders entirely.

From midnight Thursday 27 11.59pm until June 3, there will only be five reasons to leave home:

  • Shopping for essentials within 5km of your home
  • Exercising for up to two hours within 5km of your home, with one other person at the most
  • Going to work or school if you’ve received permission
  • Caregiving, compassionate and medical reasons
  • Getting vaccinated

How is each state handling Victoria’s lockdown?


Borders are not closed, but anyone arriving in NSW from Victoria must follow Victoria’s seven-day lockdown restrictions as of 4pm today.


Anyone who has been in greater Melbourne for the last 14 days cannot enter South Australia.


As of 10am this morning, WA has introduced a hard border with Victoria. Anyone who arrived in WA between Sunday May 16 and Thursday May 27 must get a COVID test and self quarantine until they have returned a negative test.


Anyone who has spent time in Victoria within the the last 14 days cannot enter Tasmania. Tasmanian residents can undertake 14 days self-quarantine. However, anyone in an unsuitable residence will need to complete 14 days of quarantine in government designated accomodation.


Those arriving in Northern Territory from greater Melbourne or Bendigo after 12:01am Thursday will be forced to undergo mandatory quarantine.


From 1:00am Thursday May 27, anyone who has been in the City of Whittlesea in the last 14 days, will not be allowed to enter Queensland or will go into mandatory hotel quarantine. Those who are currently in Queensland that have been been to Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs will need to quarantine at home for 14 days.


Anyone arriving from Victoria after 11.59pm tonight will be banned from entering (unless they are a resident).

What about New Zealand?

As of 6pm Tuesday, quarantine free travel was put on pause for Victorians. With the seven-day lockdown that would also mean any travel to NZ would be put on pause. Those who have visited Melbourne from May 11 need to monitor themselves for symptoms.

What if I booked a holiday for this weekend?

Unfortunately that will have to be put on hold. Regardless of the various state restrictions, you cannot leave your 5km bubble and should not be leaving your home unless it’s for one of the five essential reasons.

If I flee before midnight tonight, will I be able to avoid the lockdown?

No, most states will not allow you to enter without a permit or you will have to enter mandatory quarantine. Secondly that kind of defeats the point of a lockdown. If there’s a chance that you contracted COVID, leaving the state means that you’re taking the virus with you and potentially spreading it to even more people.

What if I’m already interstate?

Double check the rules on the relevant state government website. But depending on when you were last in Victoria, you may now have to either a) get tested b) self-quarantine or c) enter hotel quarantine.