Instagram Buys Video Editing App, Multi-Filtered Video Selfies A Near Reality

News has been released today that may well enhance the virtual documentation of your picturesque life to even more gorgeous, unattainably perfect heights, with Instagram buying out the video editing app Luma.
With Instagram’s video capabilities in its infancy, buying out the Luma app—and consequently, implementing its functions—is a smart move in Instagram’s continual pursuit to copy twitter reign supreme as the most desirable, functional and popular social networking app out there. While shooting a video on instagram already allows users to add one filter, and use video from previously-shot sources, Luma may allow insty-auteurs to add multiple filters (and switch them around), play with the contrast and brightness, improve the stabilisation function and generally make the banal documentary of one’s #clean habits all the more vivid. It’s great that we’re expending so much energy and effort on the technological advances that really matter.
Meanwhile, best you make do with the garish hues of Kelvin and enter our Listen Out competition, simply by busting your moves to your favourite Listen Out artist, and uploading the impending abomination to Instagram, tagged with #ListenOutToMe and a shout out to @pedestriantv.
We’re hoping that the Luma/Instagram partnership swells into filter motion sooner rather than later; can you imagine how much better our attempt at the Listen Out comp could look, if only we had the ammo of a double filter and extra contrast to fire?!

Via Wired.
Title image by AFP via Getty.