InfoWars Appears To Have Been Kicked Off Pinterest, Which It Was On, Apparently

Straight up: I do not understand Pinterest. I have a Pinterest account, and yet I do not, in any way, understand what it is for or how you go about using it. It seems to mostly be about pictures, but this is all I can glean from it. Why InfoWars would have a Pinterest page is completely beyond me. Luckily, this is not something I have to grapple with for long, because it appears like they don’t have one anymore.

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As you might know from either seeing articles about it or from hearing the distant, tortured screams of Alex Jones, InfoWars has been given the boot from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple‘s podcast platform. Mashable reached out to Pinterest to see if they had been formulating any similar policy re: Jones and his right-wing conspiracy nonsense, and shortly after, the InfoWars Pinterest page disappeared. At this stage, Pinterest has not commented on the matter.

Frankly, the prospect that we’re in an environment where the monopoly held on content distribution by a handful of tech giants not subject to huge amounts of oversight means that people can be banished to relative (quite relative, in this instance) obscurity is a bit terrifying. At the same time, if you’re going to kick someone off your platforms, a conspiracy theorist whose job is mainly peddling dodgy brain pills and trying to paint the parents of the victims of mass shootings as paid actors, I’m not going to shed that many tears about it.

It would be fun to make a joke about how soon the only platform they’ll have left to them is LinkedIn, but they’ve already been removed from that. So far they’re just left with Instagram and Twitter, out of the major players, and Jones has taken to Twitter to object in his characteristically grandiose way.

Strange man.