Alex Jones Reckons The US Civil War Kicks Off This Week So, Uh, Pencil That In

Might want to chuck this one in your calendar: according to InfoWars founder Alex Jones, the Democrats are planning on kick off a second American Civil War this coming Wednesday.

In a video posted today, Jones suggested that the left-wing media (controlled by George Soros, obviously) would be taking advantage of the summer (“when riots happen“) and the upcoming mid-terms (“there’s massive political action going on“) to foment riots and protests that would ultimately result in a Civil War.

While you might be alarmed that these sudden developments could, say, interrupt the ongoing production of Marvel movies or push back the release date of Beyoncé’s next album, it’s worth keeping in mind that Jones is a crazy person famous for things like claiming that the children shot and killed at Sandy Hook were child actors and forgetting details about his kids because he had just eaten a big bowl of chilli.

This is not the first time that InfoWars has made this claim. As Snopes addressed late last year (they rated this one “false”), InfoWars reported that the left in America was planning on rising up and overthrowing the Trump government starting around November 4 last year:

Antifa is planning a new round of nationwide riots on November 4 as part of a plot to start a “civil war” that will lead to the overthrow of the Trump administration.

Far-left militants plan to “gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country” in the hope of building momentum for civil unrest that leads to nothing less than domestic regime change.

Sounds like these people need to make up their mind about whether the American left is a bunch of sensitive snowflakes that need safe spaces or a violent, organised military that could topple the government.