Ilana Glazer Busted A Dude Pretending He Worked On ‘Broad City’ To Get Laid

Dudes are weird as fuck, god damn.

And it’s one thing to be hella weird, but it’s another thing entirely to try and run game based entirely on a lie that unravels with even the most base-level cursory Googling. Particularly if the lie happens to involve a certain wildly popular television series.
Ilana Glazer found out recently that a friend-of-a-friend had gone on a date with a charming young fellow who asserted that he was a writer on her hit Comedy Central series ‘Broad City.’
The only problem with that, is that there’s precisely four people who currently work as writers on the series.
And none of them are that guy.
Glazer caught wind of the story and, like all good comedians, turned it into jokes in a recent set delivered last week that some intrepid young audience member had the presence of mind to record.
The liar, whose pants may or may not have been on fire, apparently even went so far as to show off photos of him, Glazer, and Abby Jacobson taken as a fan back in 2014, as well as a photo of him after he snuck onto the set.
And if that weren’t enough as is, he tried to put a little stamp of authenticity on his yarn by telling his date he thought the writing in season three was “weak.”

Here’s some sage advice if there was any:

Don’t fuck a dude ’cause you think he works on Broad City. Men are scary.”

At the risk of overstating it: Yass. Kween.

Source: The Cut.