If You’re Wondering What To Do In Sydney Tonight, BairdTime Is Here To Help

It’s Friiiiiiiiday night! Fuck yeah. 

Sydney, led by our valiant and caring Premier Mike Baird, is one of the most vibrant, exciting cities in the world to be in right now. There’s so much to do. So much open. So vibrant. Very vibrant. VIBRANCE everywhere. 
Here’s some suggestions of what you could do:
  • Head to a bar, or a pub, or a club! They are definitely open. And you can order wine by the glass.
  • Hang at home with some mates and drink some wine. Conversations and laughs a’plenty are to be had.
  • Chill at home, have a cheeky glass of wine or three, and watch movies late into the night. 
  • Decide that tonight’s the night you’re gonna get your life in order, and start planning your small business over beers with your best mate/soon-to-be business partner.
  • God, plenty of stuff. Go see a gig. Go salsa dancing. Dance to Beyoncé‘s new banger ‘Formation’ at a club. 
New website Baird Time has got ya. Click on any one of these options, and it will tell you where and how and when you can do this stuff. It’s really, extremely, very, unbelievably helpful. 
Leeeet’s try…. ‘Go out after work’. Cool. Sounds nice.
Oh, fuck you. 
You can try for yourself here: www.bairdtime.com
Source/Photos: Baird Time.