The Weather Channel Goes All In With Apocalyptic Hurricane Florence Graphics

As Americans in North and South Carolina begin to feel the effects of Hurricane Florence, The Weather Channel has reminded viewers of how dangerous storm surges can be. A frankly terrifying reminder, at that.

[jwplayer BJc4no54]

In a new demonstration of the network’s CGI capabilities, hosts have presented from the centre of a digital storm surge to demonstrate the hurricane’s damaging potential.

Wind slaps, cars float, and the turbulent water rises well over the head of host Erika Navarro in the clip below:

It’s not all for show, either. The vivid presentation – powered by the Unreal Engine, most commonly used in video games – seems likely to serve as a more pressing demonstration of the storm’s threat than a mere written warning, and that’s vitally important for folks in impacted areas.

At time of writing, Hurricane Florence is inching towards the coastline, and the combination of intense rainfall and gnarly swell threaten to engulf low-lying land in the region.

Storm swell is predicted to reach nearly 4 metres in height near the coastal cities of Wilmington and Jacksonville, absolutely devastating structures in the region.

In addition, hurricane-strength winds are predicted to batter everything in the storm’s path.

Roughly 1 million people are under evacuation orders. While some folks have made the wild decision to stay put, The Weather Channel’s confronting vid might just convince folks to hoof it out of there before things get worse.