Here Are The Munted Bangers That Made The #PlaySchoolRemix Comp Cut

Play School‘ has been on the air for 50 years. FIFTY BLOODY YEARS.

By anyone’s estimation, that’s a long-ass time.
A little while ago Triple J Unearthed put the call of the wild out to Aussie musos and producers and the like to take the iconic ‘Play School‘ theme song, turn the munt dial up to 11, and make their own banger of a remix out of it. The winner would be flown to Sydney to visit the set of Play School and participate in a special one-on-one workshop with KLP, as well as score themselves some sweet Triple J air play.
From 600 entries, the herd has been culled, and Unearthed revealed the five finalists today. Hooley freakin’ dooley the quality is SKY FKN HIGH.
All five have managed to take the trademark twinkle of the OG theme and turn them into bonafide, floor-filling, hotshit certified bangers.
Brisbane-based electronica outfit COPYCATT have maintained the the light and airy feel to it whilst slotting a raucous beat in behind it.

Sydney’s Froyo managed to pull this certified, stone-cold belter together a mere handful of hours after the competition opened, and absolutely nailed it.

Meanwhile, Jondrette Den from Melbourne got their harmony on for this jazzy little number.

Killboy, also from Melbourne, sampled the OG track and laid down some choice lyrics over the top of it to produce a fairly unique trap spin on things.

And lastly, Oppy from Christmas Island took the original and iconic trumpets of the theme and speared them into a legit club hit.

How the hell they’ll manage to single out a winner from that bunch is anyone’s guess.
Matt & Alex will reveal the one remix to rule them all next Thursday morning. Until then, get yr bloody gurn on to some childhood nostalgia, why don’t you.
Also, to tide you over, we put together this handy little supercut of all the times ‘Play School‘ was loose as hell.

Come to think of it that arch window is pretty bloody suss.