Harry Styles Fans Are Receiving Their Expenny Nail Polishes Broken, Which Isn’t Very Pleasing

Some fans who’ve purchased from Harry Styles’ new make up range Pleasing are sharing videos of their nail polish kits – which cost USD$75, or a whopping AUD$98 – arriving broken. Oh no, their incredibly expensive mani kits, they’re broken!

Let’s be honest, that’s pretty displeasing (ba dum tss).

The reports are primarily coming from TikTok, with fans showing bottles of smashed nail polish bottles and damaged boxes.

In one of the vids, which has a million views and almost 300,000 likes, the bottle of blue-black polish (Inky Pearl, for the stans) has completely smashed, covering the box.

@strwbrryandiepaying $75 for shattered nail polishes>> ???? ##pleasingharrystyles ##fyp ##harrystyles @hshq @pleasing♬ taste like wah wah – ItsHarryStylesluv

Not gonna lie, if I’d forked out almost 100 bucks on nail polish and one arrived completely smashed, I would not feel like Treat[ing] People With Kindness.

Another TikTok vid similarly showed one of the white bottles completely smashed.

@k8etraversi think harry made mine @pleasing ##pleasing ##harrystyles ##tpwk ##hslot ##pleasingharrystyles♬ original sound – katie travers

In a comment under the vid, the user clarified “Personally I found this hilarious LOL. I emailed them and they’re sending me a new one”.

Honestly, this is a level of being the bigger person that I very much respect.

Other users commented their experiences too, with one saying “THE WAY MINE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE BLUE ONE IN IT” and another saying that two (2) were missing.

As put by one fan: “I’m gonna implode if mine arrives like this” which honestly? Fair.

While a number of fans commented to say that theirs had arrived fine, some were critical of the products’ packaging.

Essentially, it seems to be a fairly flimsy cardboard box. As one commentor pointed out, “it’s literally the shipping box and there’s zero labelling that it’s fragile and zero padding. I’m SHOCKED mine survived”.

@giannamanceI- ##pleasing ##harrystyles ##pleasingnailpolish @pleasing @hshq♬ original sound – sebastian kaczmarek

One of Pleasing’s core focuses is sustainability, which might explain the lack of plastic bubble wrap packaging.

On its website, it reads “Pleasing is committed to operating in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner.

“Respecting human rights, monitoring the safety and integrity of products, and reducing the environmental footprint of our supply chain are core tenets of who we are and what we do.”

Luckily, it only seems to be a very small percentage of customers who are receiving broken polishes, and Pleasing seems to be sending replacements to those affected.

Semi-hilariously, though, there’s already a note on the brand’s site which reads (apparently accurately): “we’re pleasing, never perfect”.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Pleasing’s PR team for comment on this story.