Harry & Meghan Have Threatened Legal Action Over Creepy Pap Shots Taken From Behind Bushes

Legal action has been threatened to the press by Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, after paparazzi photos of Meghan were splashed all over UK tabloids this week.

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After images of Megan walking through a park in Canada with baby Archie and their two dogs emerged online from a prominent paparazzi group, the lawyers of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued legal action to the press after it was believed that the photos were taken without Meghan’s consent.

As per the ABC, Harry and Meghan’s lawyers allege that the photos were taken by someone who was hiding behind a bush on Vancouver Island, where Meghan was out for a walk in activewear before Harry flew in from the UK. Despite the legal threats, the photos have been published online by the Daily Mail and both online and in print by The Sun in the last 24 hours.

It’s not the first time they’ve taken legal action against a tabloid, the Duke and Duchess sued the pants off the The Mail last year, after the newspaper published a handwritten note from Meghan to her father.

The official legal action warning to the world’s media is the latest headache for Harry and Meghan as they begin to step away from royal duties and become independent entities from the royal family, both financially and physically.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a surprise announcement at the start of the year, revealing that they wished to shift away from the royal family and instead split their time in the UK and Meghan’s home country of Canada. After talks and deliberations with the Queen and senior members of the royal family, it was decided that Harry and Meghan were to drop their ‘HRH’ titles and no longer receive public funding for royal duties.

Harry has also spoken out about the scrutiny that he and Meghan have endured from the press over the last two years, in an emotional speech in London this week.