Local Gal Horrifies Radio Hosts W/ The Gruesome Chore Her Partner Made Her Do For Three Years

A woman has ruined the lives of triple j hosts, listeners and myself after sharing a gross boyfriend confession involving the most horrific ‘task’ that she had to complete for her partner. You couldn’t waterboard this information out of me…

A woman called in to triple j’s The Hook Up to tell hosts Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen that she had to clean the dick cheese out of her partner’s foreskin with a Q-tip once a week for three years.

“The foreskin on his penis didn’t come back all the way. We’d gone to a doctor and everything, and they couldn’t really do anything to help it,” she told the duo.

“He got very funny about that situation, like touching his penis and stuff like that. So, I had to use lube and a Q-tip to clean 20-something years of build-up.”

All I have to say is she must have really loved that man.

The ~ questionable ~ confession left the hosts (and me) with so many questions — like why could a grown man not clean his own dick in his 20-something years of living????

Rasmussen asked: “[Why] was he so phobic of it?”

“The whole situation of his penis just freaked him out,” the caller explained.

“He wouldn’t masturbate at that point, that’s how bad it was. So it kind of got put down to me for three years to clean it. I don’t know why I was maintaining it.”

“I’m just still trying to process that this was your job in your relationship – to clean your boyfriend’s foreskin,” Salmin said.

“With a Q-tip, every week, for three years.”

I don’t know about you but I’m probably going to be processing this one for a long time.

The clip was shared to Instagram, where users expressed my same sentiment for the call-in AKA utter horror.

“Screaming crying throwing up,” Salmin herself commented on the post.

“This is horrendous. What do you mean there was 20 years of build up!” another IG user commented.

“That’s enough internet for today,” wrote a third.

There’s no fucking way I would ever even think about doing this for a man, and I definitely wouldn’t call the radio to air out mine (and his) dirty laundry — or should I say dirty dick — to a truck-load of listeners.

I wish the couple in question nothing but good vibes, and hopefully a whole lot less dick cheese.