Good Grief, Labor’s Already Started Making Election Attack Ads

That did not take long at all.

Malcolm Turnbull‘s latest round of posturing last week included the unprecedented shifting forward of the Federal Budget in order to make way for a likely early Federal Election, with all signs point to July 2nd as the date in question.
Then came the hot little nugget of a Sky News interview in which former PM Tony Abbott continued to stir the ever-simmering pot by suggesting that the (rapidly fading) goodwill being shown towards the Turnbull Government was naught but a mere by-product of Turnbull & Friends coasting on the raggedy coattails of the Abbott Government. Cue: A lot of teeth grinding from the Coalition front bench.
And in record time, we now have this. The first official attack ad of election season.
Labor MP Michelle Rowland (a name I pray is a nom de plume taken from the the second and third best of Destiny’s Children) has pieced together this ad, posted to her Facebook page a mere matter of moments ago.

Thinking of voting for Malcolm?

Posted by Michelle Rowland MP on Monday, 28 March 2016

Simple-but-incendiary message, grainy footage, ominous sounding transition sound effects. Oh god, it’s gonna be a long bloody slog between now and July, isn’t it.

Source: Facebook.
Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty.