Lisa Vanderpump’s Sweet Angel Dog Giggy Hospitalised With Unknown Illness

Pretty much any time that Gigalo ‘Giggy’ Vanderpump is trending or whatever, I hold my breath for a moment in slight fear that the worst has happened to the extremely handsome sweet angel.

So when our Native Editor Sean Dillon messaged me in ALL CAPS that Giggy had been to hospital I panicked. GIGGY. ARE YOU OKAY??

On Mama Lisa Vanderpump‘s Instagram today, a picture surfaced of Giggy looking a bit worse for wear as he was headed home from animal hospital in Aspen, Colorado.

Someone please check on the sweet boy with puppy alopecia, PLEASE.

The poor thing looks like he’s in some kind of isolation chamber, and also in a plane?? Many Giggy loyalists are assuming that the wee lad with the sharpest suits in all of Beverly Hills may have been suffering from altitude sickness; something that pups can encounter when travelling over 2500m above sea level.

Regardless, we deeply hope that Sir Gigolo Vanderpump is okay and will be back to his high-society socialite ways soon.

Get better Giggy!