A New Doco Claims Ghislaine Maxwell Wanted To Recruit Paris Hilton For Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell, Paris Hilton

Ghislaine Maxwell once sought to recruit a young Paris Hilton for her boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, according to a new documentary about the late financier and sex offender.

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein is set to air this weekend in the United States, and includes an interview with Christopher Mason, a former associate of Maxwell’s, who made the claims.

According an account from British TV host and author Mason, the disgraced socialite expressed an interest in the then-teenage Hilton at an event:

“A friend of mine was at a party and Ghislaine said, ‘Oh my God, who’s that?’ and was looking at this pretty, young, sort of teenage girl. And she said, ‘Do you know her?’ My friend said, ‘Yes, she’s called Paris Hilton.’ And Ghislaine said, ‘God, she’d be perfect for Jeffrey. Could you introduce us?’”

A photo from September 2000 shows Ghislaine Maxwell and Paris Hilton in conversation with Donald Trump at the Anand Jon Fashion Show in New York.

Hilton would have been 19 when this shot was taken, and it is presumed that this is the September, 2000 event referred to in the documentary.

Maxwell was arrested earlier this year in the US, and it is alleged that she conspired with Epstein in the abuse of minors. She has pleaded not guilty and remains in custody.

Designer Anand Jon Alexaner is himself currently serving a prison sentence for various offenses including rape and having sex with a minor.