Elon Musk Says Ghislaine Maxwell “Photobombed” Him & Denies Knowing Her After Pic Resurfaces

elon musk ghislaine maxwell

Elon Musk has vehemently denied knowing Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell after a photo of the pair at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty resurfaced on Twitter.

In a tweet on Saturday, the Tesla CEO declared that he doesn’t “know Ghislaine at all.”

“She photobombed me at a Vanity Fair Oscar party. Was there with @TalulahRiley. Don’t know Ghislaine at all. Why do you think it should be a bigger story?” The tweet read.

Elon alleges that he attended the party with ex-wife actress Talulah Riley, when he was photobombed by Maxwell, asserting that there was no “bigger story” to tell about the pair.

In a separate reply, Elon questioned why Vanity Fair invited Maxwell to the event to begin with.

Musk is just one of countless high-profile celebrities and public figures who have been linked to now-dead sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in one way or another.

At the time the photo was taken (2014), Epstein had already pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, but his crimes had not yet been brought to light in the way they later were following his 2019 arrest.

However, this isn’t the first time Elon has been linked to the scandal, with Epstein himself asserting to a NY Times journalist back in 2018 that he had been advising Tesla. Representatives for Musk and Tesla were quick to refute these claims, saying “it is incorrect to say that Epstein ever advised Elon on anything.”

When the allegation first surfaced, the representative shared a similar sentiment about the photo of Ghislaine and Elon.

“Ghislaine simply inserted herself behind him in a photo he was posing for without his knowledge,” the rep told the New York Times.

It is a known fact that Elon and Jeffrey met on at least two occasions – at a dinner organised by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, and “at his house in Manhattan for about 30 minutes” while accompanying his then-wife Talulah Riley conducted novel research. However, he has previously told Vanity Fair that Epstein was “obviously a creep.”

“He tried repeatedly to get me to visit his island. I declined,” he told Vanity Fair previously.

We *do* know that Elon has met/attended the same events as Epstein and Maxwell previously. But as it currently stands, there is no evidence to suggest that Musk was involved in any sort of illegal activity with the pair.

The Epstein/Maxwell story is continually developing, with countless high-profile figures being linked to both parties. However, it is important to note Musk has continually and consistently denied having any sort of close relation with either Epstein or Maxwell whenever he has been questioned previously.

More to come.