Germanwings Pilot Avoided Critical Care Before Crash, Says Final Report

The final report into the crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525 has been revealed by investigators in Paris, detailing the psychiatric assessment co-pilot Andreas Lubitz underwent just two weeks before deliberately crashing the plane into the French Alps. 

France’s air investigation body BEA said they believed Lubitz had not only experienced symptoms consistent with a psychotic depressive episode months before the March 2015 crash, his private doctor had referred him to a psychiatric clinic only a fortnight before the tragedy. 

Notably, none of the specialists Lubitz had visited made his employer aware of his psychiatric issues. None of the doctors who treated Lubitz agreed to speak to investigators. 

Investigators made it known they wanted more stringent guidelines regarding flight crew with similar difficulties in order to avert a similar incident from happening again. 

Specifically, they have called for an easing of doctor-patient confidentiality in circumstances where the public may be placed at risk. 

During the flight, the 27-year-old barricaded the cockpit door. While he was alone in the cockpit, Lubitz set the autopilot on a course into the Alps. The plane crashed shortly afterwards, killing all 150 on board, including two Australians. 
Source: Sydney Morning Herald. 
Photo: Getty Images News. 

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