Enthusiastic pillagers of the torrent shop have truly outdone themselves in 2013, as Torrent Freak has announced the stats behind The Year That Was in excessive downloads of exceptional television. Congratulations, internet, you’ve proved to be as lax towards piracy laws as ever. 

Torrent Freak reports that fantasy wet dream Game Of Thrones had “the honour” of taking out first place in the race for the most downloaded show, with downloads of GoT episodes exceeding 5.9 million (via bitorrent) in 2013, an admirable, albeit slightly disconcerting, feat.

The end to AMC’s extraordinary five season long Breaking Bad helped escalate the show to second place, though it still remained a far stretch behind Game Of Thrones with the highest single episode download count of 4.2 million. It’s been a historic year for Game Of Thrones and its legions of fans who stare unflinchingly in the face of you wouldn’t steal a handbag scare tactics, with the show’s season three finale seeing BiTorrent download records being ceremoniously broken in its honour, clocking up an unprecedented file sharing of 170,000 simultaneous users.

TorrentFreak’s top 10 most downloaded TV shows (per single episode) for 2013 is listed below. Although torrent-hungry Australians can see a vague promise of streaming service Netflix (or Foxtel’s answer, ‘Pronto‘) on the horizon, with 2014 offering us new seasons of SherlockGirls, Game Of Thrones and our soon to be new obsession True Detective, it looks like next year may well trump 2013’s torrenting ‘success’. Great job, cheapskates. 

‘Game Of Thrones’, ‘Breaking Bad’ Come Out On Top As Most Pirated Shows Of 2013

Via TorrentFreak.