Fyre Festival Is Offering Punters VIP Tix For Next Year Instead Of Refunds

The unbelievable, cataclysmic failure of the Fyre Festival is going to be the story to beat for 2017. And yet it keeps on giving. The latest update? Well, the refund form issued to the attendees who remain alive allows them the provision of getting double the number of VIP passes to the 2018 Fyre Festival rather than an actual refund.

Lo and behold:

The festival promises to add “seasoned events experts” to ensure that the next Fyre Festival doesn’t turn into some kind of apocalyptic Lord of the Flies scenario in which rich Instagram kids are forced to eat each other in order to survive. They also promise that it’ll be staged on a beach in the United States instead of the Bahamas.
The festival has already been hit with a fuck-off big $132M lawsuit so if you’re one of the people opting for the VIP tix, I wouldn’t be so assured you’ll be partying with Ja Rule next year.
Man. 2017 has gotta throw something huge at us to beat this.
Source: Twitter.