FRIDAY FROTH: Canadian PM / Dreamboat Justin Trudeau Is Actually Rocky

Fair to say that we’re all just a wee bit smitten with Canada‘s brand spanking new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
The centre-left pollie with the winning smile and textbook example of the Hot Dad aesthetic has been systematically melting hearts the world over, one public appearance at a time.
Whether it be remarkably explaining the concept of quantum computing or forging an unbelievably adorable mateship with Barack Obama in the ultimate DILF tag team, the son of Canada’s most beloved PM cannae do no wrong.
And because it’s Friday, and because the news cycle so far today has been pretty rough, we’re beyond happy to give y’all a look at this:
Justin Trudeau.
In a Brooklyn gym.

Oh yeah, and if that alone weren’t enough to set your heart (and loins) on fire, he was there helping out the Give a Kid a Dream program, a non-profit organisation that gives disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and vulnerable inner-city kids help, hope, discipline, and mentorship through boxing.
Lord, have mercy.
Source: The Guardian.