Watch This French Racehorse Charge Into A Bar & Write Your Own Goddamn Joke

Horses in bars hold a special and long-established place in the comedic canon. There are jokes. There are riffs on the jokes. There’s even a Netflix series predicated on what happens when your equine pal enjoys the pub just a little too much.

But there’s nothing quite like watching a fully-fledged horse actually cutting sick in a pub. The force, the shock, and the sheer majesty of flailing hooves speaks to something primal within us all. To see a horse in a bar is to witness the sum of human achievement overshadowed by the forces of nature.

If you need proof, please observe this glorious slice of CCTV footage, recently recorded in a French pub:

The Evening Standard reports the Chantilly PMU bar, located north of Paris, welcomed that unexpected guest after it ditched its rider about a kilometre away.

When the horse escaped its rider between the stables and the local racetrack, it charged into the pub, scaring staff and patrons in the process. She even managed to buck into the pub’s betting counter.

Tables and chairs were knocked about, but the horse’s trainer Jean-Marie Beguigne confirmed the unnamed filly suffered no injuries. Oh, no humans were hurt, either.

Stunningly, the horse had to cross a road and a roundabout on its way to the bar. It’s currently unclear what became of the horse after jetting out of the CCTV’s view, but we can only assume it went on kicking into freedom.