Great news if you’re in the market for a bike that looks like it was made for a 1950s teen and you have a budget of exactly zero dollars: dockless bike-share company Reddy Go is giving them away from their warehouse in Alexandria.

As The Australian is reporting, Reddy Go has blamed “regulatory factors” for their decision to pull out in a text message to customers. The text says that customers will likely be transferred to “any new business“, but that anyone who wants to pull out now can come get a free bike for them and a mate:

If you do not wish to wait for restructuring process and wish to terminate your membership, we are happy to offer you and a friend a free bike each (total two bikes) as a sign of our gratitude for your loyalty and support.

According to the Oz, the offer is open until July 20, and the company had around 2,600 bikes at their peak.

The bikes boast an impressive three gears and come in the bright candy red loved by Cadillac owners and Jack White (possibly one and the same).

If you already had a membership, I guess just rock up? If you didn’t, time to find a mate that does.

Image: Twitter / Reddy Go Australia