Watch The Wild Moment A Flying Beer Keg Slams Into A Car On A Sydney Motorway

Dash Cam videos: A source of great amusement and sheer horror, often at the same time. To wit: Dash cam footage posted online has captured the horrifying moment a beer keg slams into a car travelling on a motorway in Sydney’s west.

The incident occurred at around 6am Tuesday morning on the M4 near Eastern Creek. Footage uploaded to Dash Cam Owners Australia, a constant source of prangs and terrible driving, shows the keg falling off a vehicle ahead of the car, before it careens into the windshield of the unsuspecting motorist, who had little-to-no time to avoid getting collected.

The uploaded footage also shows the aftermath of the prang, with the roof and windscreen of the Toyota vehicle practically caved in.

Bloody hell.

A woman by the name of Carolyn Woods claimed ownership of the footage on Facebook, stating that it was her father travelling in the car at the time. Miraculously, he got out of it with very minor injuries.

The car is reportedly a write-off, as you’d expect. And even worse, the rogue keg wound up being empty. Which is bad because no free frothies out of it, but good because… y’know… it probably would’ve killed him if it had been full.

Sometimes, apparently, there’s such thing as being a little *too* keen for a beer, as it turns out. Hooley bloody dooley.