Fly-Kicking Aussie Tradie In Bali Reckons He Has “No Recollection” Of The Alleged Incident

The Aussie tradie who made headlines last night for his alleged drunken rampage in Bali has spoken out about the incident for the first time today.

From his jail cell in Kuta, Nicholas Carr told 7News that has little recollection of yesterday’s incident and was apparently heavily intoxicated at the time. I mean that’s not exactly shocking, is it?

The 26-year-old Adelaide man was enjoying the first day of his 10 day Kuta vacation when the rampage took place. He was eventually detained and tied up with what appears to be blue tubing before being taken to hospital for treatment.

“I can’t really remember most of it,” Carr said.

Honestly, from the sounds of the interview it seems like Carr and his mates were having a typical Bali piss-up that got a little out of hand.

“We drank vodka in our hotel room before we went out, then drank cocktails and drank more vodka after that,” Carr explained.

The apprentice builder also denied taking any illicit substances, claiming  that he didn’t “willingly” consume any drugs. It is currently unknown whether any substances were found in his system.

It appears that Nicholas is embarrassed and ashamed of his actions. He claims that he doesn’t have a history of alcohol-related violent outbursts like we saw yesterday.

“I have drunk until I have blacked out but I have never done this before, ever.”

According to 7News, Carr allegedly jumped on a moving car, assaulted the owner of a house he invaded and vandalised, and fly-kicked a local motorcyclist. The entire ordeal was caught on video.

Nicholas also apologised for his actions and offered to pay any compensation required by the victims.

Understandably, the 26-year-old is terrified of the possibility of criminal repercussions, but he has not been officially charged with any offences yet.

“What am I expecting? I’m not sure. I have no idea.”

Are we shocked that the guy who allegedly threw himself onto a moving car was drunk? Well… no. But it sounds like he’s pretty damn embarrassed and scared, so hopefully this gets sorted out as soon as possible so he can get home.

Carr has been discharged from hospital and remains in police custody at Kuta Police Station. His fate, including any potential criminal charges, remains unknown while police continue the investigation.