An Adelaide man is currently in hospital in Bali after allegedly jumping onto the bonnet of a car and fly kicking a motorcyclist earlier this morning, according to 7News.

Nicholas Carr, a 26-year-old South Australian tradie, is yet to be interviewed by police but is expected to face a number of charges for his alleged rampage in Kuta this morning.

Footage captured from the incident appears to show Mr Carr throwing himself onto a car bonnet and assaulting an innocent bystander on a busy road.

According to Kuta police chief, Teuku Ricki Fadlianshah, it is believed that Mr Carr may have allegedly been involved in a number of other vandalism and assault related offences this morning.

“Our team are still at the crime scenes investigating. Many places were (allegedly) damaged by him. Our team are still working to check all the places,” he said.

The fly kick victim, Wayan Wirawan only sustained minor injuries from the ordeal, but remains confused as to why he was targeted.

“I was on my way to work. Suddenly a foreign man kicked me. I was extremely shocked. I don’t understand why did he do that,” Mr Wayan said in an interview with 7News.

Not quite sure how we’re still allowed in Bali when we only ever seem to accidentally end up with weed in our boogie board bags or fly kick innocent locals, but apparently we haven’t been banned yet. I’m sure at least some of the 1.18 million Aussies that travel to Bali every year manage to do so without making headlines for doing something dumb.

Mr Carr is yet to be officially named as a suspect as police have been unable formally question him. He remains in hospital in Kuta under police guard.

Image: 7News