On a scale of one to Jaime Lannister immediately post-chop, how pissed off are you that Game Of Thrones isn’t coming back until July this year?

Welp, maybe this will take the edge off that long, long wait: HBO have released two new promos featuring characters from all the network’s shows (the premise is they’re trying to recreate the iconic HBO sound – y’know, this one). 

And yep, some of those characters are from GoT. And they are wearing some interesting shit.

Because it wouldn’t be the lead up to GoT season without wild speculation, there are several theories flying around about what these new outfits could mean for Season 7. 

Aside from everyone dressing rather a lot more warmly, presumably because winter has finally come, there are a few developments of note.

First of all, we’ve got Tyrion, who’s fully abandoned his house colours of red and gold for this snappy striped number:

And for some reason, we’ve got a brief moment with Hodor – although know this show, we can give up on any possible reunion being a happy one:

But most excitingly, we’ve got these shots of the Stark children:

Starks wear wolf pelts, and here they are, all clad in furs (except for Arya, who’s having a yell and rocking her OG hairstyle), which some are speculating could mean that all the Stark kids really do end up back together at the end of this season (!!)

Watch the two promos (with cameos from a bunch of your other faves) below, and check out Nerdist.coms detailed breakdown of the new threads here.

Source: Nerdist.com.

Image: HBO.