Ex-Soldier Jailed In Lebanon Over ’60 Minutes’ Fiasco Finally Walks Free

If I were anyone involved with that horrendously botched 60 Minutes “child abduction” farce in Lebanon, I’d commence shatting my own dacks right about now.
When Tara Brown and her crew somehow managed to weasel their way out of a Lebanese prison back in April, following a botched and utterly disastrous “child rescue” attempt that threatened to spark an international incident, almost saw Australian journalists handed multiple-decade jail terms, and cost Channel Nine an utter shitload of cash to sort out, what the dominating line of discussion at the time kind of glossed over was the fact that not everyone from that operation was lucky enough to be released.
Former Australian-British soldier Adam Whittington was also among those assisting in the botched operation, and since Brown and her crew walked free, he has been sitting in a Beirut prison cell.
Now, some 100-odd days after the whole fiasco began, Whittington has finally been able to secure his own release, and has walked free from that same Lebanese jail that at one point held the whole gang.
Whittington and his supporters managed to secure bail for the ex-army vet, and he is now expected to fly to Sweden to be reunited with his wife and young family.
Worryingly for Channel Nine though, it would appear Whittington is preparing to speak on his ordeal, and the treatment he received from 60 Minutes throughout this whole process.
In a statement issued through his legal team, Whittington first thanked his supporters and lawyers, before asserting that not only will justice be done, but that “the truth” is coming soon.
“For 2 days now I have been free but I am not home with my family. I want to thank all those who have helped and assisted in my release and soon that of my colleagues.”

“Thank you to my legal team and the British and Australian embassies for their consular assistance.”

“I have and still am confident that justice will prevail with the assistance of Lebanese independent judges.”

“At the moment the most important thing is to get home with my family especially my two boys who believe their dad is never coming home.
I ask that you kindly respect the privacy of my family during this period as they will not be making anymore comments to the media.”

“The truth is coming very soon.”


If that don’t set a few knees a’quiver in the 60 Minutes offices, nothing will.
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Diego Ibarra Sanchez/Getty.