Enormous Lizard Emerges From Pits Of Hell To Claim House As Tribute

For real though, that’s a fkn Lace Monitor just casually clinging to the side of a bloke’s house in Thurgoona (as in, “I’m going to the fridge. Do you want the beera?” “Nah, Thurgoona.”)

Eric – the bloke in question – saw it pissbolting across his lawn, and found it later because its tail was banging the drain pipe so loudly he could hear it from inside the house.
Eric managed to get a snap of the lizard, which the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage estimated to be about 5 feet long.
And then they went on to drop the fact that Lace Monitors can grow up to TWO FREAKING METRES IN LENGTH AND WEIGHT TWENTY KILOGRAMS.
Again, we reiterate:
Dead inside.

Photo: Imgur.
Source: Border Mail.