Aussie Surfer Who Was Missing In Indo Has Recounted How Their Boat Sank

One of the four Aussies who was rescued from Indonesian waters after their boat came face-to-face with rough weather has shared harrowing details of what happened when they became lost at sea.

Elliot Foote, Will Teagle, Jordan Short and Steph Weisse were recently rescued after their speedboat failed to reach their destination — the remote Banyak Islands.

In a video posted by musician Jimmy (@jimmstagram_), Elliot has spoken out about the ordeal, detailing what they experienced when their boat faced the harsh weather conditions.

“When the first one [wave] came in, Jordie’s like, ‘alright guys, this could be serious,’” Elliot said.

“I was like all right sweet, grab me that, grab me something warm, grab me my knife, grab me this.

“We all started grabbing shit.”

The surfer then revealed that he encouraged everyone to jump off the boat, and during the chaos, he made sure that his partner Steph had a life jacket on.

“I was like everybody get the fuck out now,” Elliot continued.

“Will dived out, Jordie ran to the front of the boat.”

“The boat started going like this, and Jordie’s reaching into board bags, and I’m [saying] ‘get the board bags, get the board bags.’”

Soon after it was confirmed on Tuesday that all four Aussies were found, footage of the incredible rescue was posted on Instagram.

Ben Cradock (@bennycradock), who appears to be a close friend of the group, posted a video that depicted three of the four Aussie tourists floating on the sea with their surfboards.

ICYMI: Elliot, Will, Jordan and Steph were travelling with a group of friends throughout Indonesia for Elliot’s 30th birthday. The group — who were all surfers — then split up into two boats, travelling to Pinang in Banyaks.

During their transit to the island, the boats came across some harsh weather. One boat miraculously found shelter during the storm and successfully made it to Pinang, while the other one went missing.

All four Aussies were located. However, one Indonesian crew member, Fivan Satria, has yet to be found.

As per the Sydney Morning Herald, the search for Fivan will continue until Monday.

“We continue the search until Monday. After that we will evaluate the operation, whether or not it should be continued,” Tonggor Gultan, an official in Nias with Basarnas, the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency, said.

“We predict that he is washed to the western side of Sumatra, probably the waters of Aceh Singkil and Sibolga.”

Elliot has expressed his concern for Fivan, saying he “just [hopes] for the best for him”.

“Now our thoughts are with the Indonesian family and friends of the missing one,” Elliot said.

“‘He’s still out there. It’s hard to think about. We just hope for the best for him.”