Cops Are Investigating Elderly Couple’s Claim They Spotted Lyn Dawson In 1984

Cops are investigating the statements of an elderly couple who believe that they saw Lyn Dawson in a Northern Beaches private hospital in 1984, two years after she was first reported missing, 7 News reports.

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Her husband, Chris Dawson, the subject of the Walkley award-winning The Teacher’s Pet podcast, pleaded not guilty to her alleged murder in court on Thursday. He has since been charged with having sex with an underage girl while he was a teacher in the 1980s.

Channel Seven reporter Chris Reason read from the police statements of two “highly credible” witnesses, each now aged 73, the Dawsons’ former neighbours, who say they spotted Lyn at the Rock Castle Private Hospital – now South Pacific Private in Curl Curl – in 1984.

The man had, according to the statement, seen Lyn when he was recovering from a medical procedure. “Lyn Dawson walked in,” Reason said, “They saw each other, they recognised each other, she quickly left.

The statement directly references Lyn’s “height, physique, hair colour and style of glasses“.

The woman says she also saw Lyn Dawson at the facility’s nurse’s station when she was visiting her husband. The pair say they did not know that she had been reported missing.

Once they read about the case in the newspapers, they realised Lyn Dawson was believed missing and alerted police on more than one occasion. Reason noted the couple weren’t contacted formally until three weeks ago.

The lawyer and the Dawsons are furious this has been withheld for so long,” said Reason.

Dawson’s case returns to court on June 20. The Teacher’s Pet is currently unavailable in Australia, pending his trial.