Artist In Hot Water After Giant Eggplant Emoji Statue Is Found To Look Like 6ft Dick

eggplant statue

A Melbourne-based artist has found himself in hot water after his eggplant statue caused a stir for his likeness to a giant penis.

Aldo Bilotta, a Melbourne-based artist recently commissioned a 6ft tall eggplant statue that currently resides at Wooloomooloo Wharf in Sydney.

[jwplayer 0jQRLrUd]”I chose the eggplant not because it resembles the penis but it represents the penis.  It is from a series of works playing on the evolution of language and symbolism. Based on our current use of technology the evolution of visual language which has become part of our every day vernacular.”

Aldo, who “has never shied away from the fact that his work 6 foot tall dick joke”, has been asked to remove the statue after Artpark realised it was, well… a 6ft tall penis.

Aldo’s work “was recently asked by the ArtPark curator to exhibit several pieces of work at Sydney’s Wooloomooloo wharf.  [His] piece is a comical pop art work that depicts the eggplant emoji,” Aldo’s daughter Zoe said.

eggplant statue

The sculpture was installed in November 2019, and was a great photo opportunity amongst locals and tourists, who thought the 6ft tall dick joke was wonderful.

As it currently stands, Artpark (the people behind the sculpture’s current display) are trying to find an alternative location, but if unsuccessful, Aldo will seek to find a new location for his artwork.

Despite being a giant dick, this is a work of art and it deserves respect. Aldo spend a whopping 6 weeks on this fibreglass piece, and it’s heartbreaking to see it censored by “a bunch of boomers.”

“Art censorship is never acceptable, but honestly, it’s such an obvious dick joke that it feels like a bit of a slap in the face to be asked to  remove the piece, due to management being a bunch of boomers,” Zoe said.

The statue hasn’t yet been removed, so go down to Wooloomooloo Wharf now and get your 6ft dick selfies while you can!

If you’re interested in following Aldo’s work, you can check out his Instagram, Facebook or website.