In News That’ll Shock No One, Eddie McGuire Said Something Rogue Not Realising He Was On-Air

Australian TV host Eddie McGuire at Melbourne Cup 2022 wearing a blue shirt and grey suit

Eddie McGuire, a man who’s said so many disgustingly rogue things I don’t even know where to begin with a cutting insult, has had an awkward Melbourne Cup-related on-air gaffe.

The whoopsie doodle happened when McGuire, who was hosting Channel 10’s Melbourne Cup coverage, had what he thought was a private conversation with Rob Mills.

UK-based Aussie Twitter user Evan Davis (@EvanD) was watching the network’s Melbourne Cup coverage via Sky Sports Racing when he noticed something a bit peculiar.

“Sky Sports Racing are airing @Channel10AU’s #MelbourneCup coverage without ads. Just a static card,” he wrote.

“I guess this conversation between Eddie McGuire and Rob Mills only aired in the UK.”

In the vid he uploaded, Millsy was doing a live cross from the Melbourne Cup in his finest green Politix suit. It was giving yassified Mr. Toad from The Wind in the Willows, which is actually a bit iconic.

In what can only be described as a horrifying jump scare, McGuire’s voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere à la Big Brother.

“Hello, Rob Mills?” he asked. Get out of my ear drums immediately, you old bag.

Millsy and McGuire yapped for a bit, before the former Australian Idol finalist gestured out the window.

“I’m just having a look Ed, clouds are coming. How long do you give it?” Mills asked.

“If Millsy keeps standing up the sun will shine. We know where the sun shines from,” McGuire replied.

“Thank you very much. Thanks mate, I appreciate that,” Millsy said.

And scene.

I can only speculate what on Earth McGuire meant by that comment. Was he referring to Millsy’s ass? Or was he suddenly possessed by the spirit of Rupi Kaur and tried to write a poem? Perhaps we’ll never know.

What I do know for sure, however, is that it was bizarre and Eddie goddamn McGuire needs to get TF off our screens.

There was the abhorrent coin toss comment. The moment he racially vilified First Nations AFL legend Adam Goodes on radio. When, during the time he was president of Collingwood Football Club, an independent review found the club was guilty of perpetuating systematic racism and on the day the report was leaked, he said it was a “proud and historic day”. When he went rogue and started spreading COVID-19 misinformation on FOX FOOTY. Oh, and there’s also been a bit of sexism and misogyny in the mix — including the time he “joked” about drowning journalist Caroline Wilson.

The Australian media landscape has well and truly progressed past the need for Eddie McGuire.

But maybe it checks out that he headed Channel Ten’s Melbourne Cup coverage, considering the fact the racing industry glorifies gambling, binge drinking and animal cruelty.