Well then. 

If the purpose of yesterday’s Herald Sun front page was to harass Duncan Storrar to the point of a placement on suicide watch, the paper may have just bloody succeeded. 


And that came after The Australian pulled a harsh take on Duncan from his own son, and the organisers of his rapidly-filled GoFundMe fund claimed the guy just wanted to be left alone.

Now, according to the Australian Independent Media Network, – a group who no doubt have it out for mainstream media organisations – a friend of the Storrar family has alleged how thoroughly the negative publicity has impacted Duncan and those close to him.

An unnamed source told AIMN the family is “currently being hounded by media, and outsiders picking apart half truths and misconstruing versions of the truth.”

“Yes Duncan has had a hard life, some of which are his own choices, some due to mental illness, and some due to circumstances that I won’t go into, however his poor elderly mother is at her wits end and extremely distressed, and Duncan is now under suicide watch.”

“His poor mum can’t bare to lose another child – she’s already buried one son.”

Again, it’s important to put it in context: the guy, regardless of any prior wrongdoing, politely asked our Assistant Treasurer why high-income earners were eligible for tax breaks but he – a minimum wage earner receiving government benefits – was not. 

The source continued, saying “it’s scaring me how much this is effecting the Storrar Family. And I hate seeing Duncan’s message to the politicians being lost by this witch hunt.”

Of course, that much is true as well. Since we’re smack bang in the middle of an election that’s zeroing in on the economy, it makes total sense that citizens query the hell outta pollies’ policies. 

It’s pretty dire if those questions result in this kind of treatment, though.

Source: Australian Independent Media Network. 
Photo: Q&A / Twitter.